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Rodney captures the stillness and quiet
in the midst of a world of motion.
— miriam leuchter - Editor in chief of Popular photography

about the guy

Rodney has been traveling to the ends of the earth and weathered all types of climate, in a quest to find nature’s most exquisite terrains to photograph. Equipped with years of back country experience – Rodney is determined to obtain that perfect image of Mother Nature at her best. From the sweltering dry deserts of the American Southwest, to the rainforests in the Pacific Northwest, from waist-deep snow fields of the great Alaska wilderness, to the heat in Death Valley, Rodney has survived everything the earth has thrown at him. He’s even survived a fall off a 30 foot cliff!

Renowned for the vibrant colors and rich textures of his wilderness landscape photography, Rodney is a purist who captures what nature creates, using no color filters or darkroom deception. The world today is a remarkable place full of beauty and splendor,” Rodney exclaims. “To witness the simple grandeur of creation, the miracle of nature, is perhaps all that we need. The peace received while viewing a leaf turned color at the height of fall is immense and divine."




background of a modern master

Rodney knows the outdoors like few do. He’s been hiking and camping the wild places of America sincehe was just a small boy on his father’s back. Born in Jacksonville, Florida Rodney is completely self-taught. Though his talents were recognized early on when he received his first camera at the age of twelve, it wasn’t until later that he pursued photography as a full time career.

Rodney’s path first led him to Brigham Young University where he studied mathematics and statistics. Upon receiving the Brigham Young University Outstanding Achievement Scholarship, he eventually earned a Masters of Science degree in the field of Statistics. With a steady job in the corporate world, he continued hiking, camping, and stilling wilderness landscapes with his wife and their four children in his spare time.

Then one day when he was traveling in Colorado, a stunning mountain view inspired a profound moment of clarity that made him realize his true calling was right in front of him. From that moment on, Rodney’s love of adventure and wild places took hold of his destiny and dramatically changed both his life and career.

Shortly after, he resigned from his corporate position and set out on a new career path as a professional landscape photographer and entrepreneur. He began by selling his work at art festivals across America, discovering the universal appeal his work has, and soon opened his first gallery in Sausalito. Just a few short years later he opened three more galleries and an 18,000 sq/ft studio near his home in Happy Valley, Oregon just to keep up with demand.

“It is a dream come true to be allowed the honor of bringing such joy into so many peoples lives.” - Rodney says

Throughout his extraordinarily successful career, Rodney has earned numerous awards in addition to his Masters of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America.



Rodney’s images, captured with his artistic eye, lift the spirit with the realization of the splendor our world possesses
— Clyde Butcher

awards & recognitions



for the environment

Rodney will tell you that the greatest people you will ever meet are two or more miles out into the wild on any given trail. These are unconventional people who hear the call of the wilderness and feel more comfortable sleeping under the stars than under a roof. More important than anything else about them, these people cherish nature. Rodney coins the affectionate term “Earth Muffins” to describe them, and he shares their passion for protecting the earth and preserving it in any way he can.

As you can clearly see from his artwork, Rodney has a great love for the wildest, most beautiful places on our planet. He believes that experiencing these places, whether in person or through his artwork, enriches the soul. He wants people to know about these places and work to keep them special, so our children’s children will have the same joy we have when we visit them. For this reason, Rodney strives to protect the earth and run his business as sustainably as possible. At every turn, Rodney endeavors to minimize our impact on the planet.

Rodney’s environmental stewardship is world renowned, and has even been formally recognized by the United Nations. Who in 2005 presented him with the United Nations Certificate of Appreciation during World Environment Day. In 2010 he received the prestigious Gold Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification by the United States Green Building Council for the ecological construction of his gallery in Las Vegas, making his the first and only single-artist gallery in the world to achieve this honor! He designed his gallery in San Francisco with the same environmentally conscious style as his Las Vegas gallery. The floors of both galleries are a prime example. These unique floor boards are reclaimed wood from a hundred year old barn near Rodney's home in Oregon. In fact, visitors to the gallery should have carefully examined the floor to find a hidden treasure. Somewhere on the floor is a board containing the hand-carved initials of two young sweethearts.

Everything in the galleries down to the trees you see in the atrium are ecologically conscious. They are harvested from a certified sustainable forest management program, as is the wood for the Della Terra frames he uses. Even the production offices operate with as small a carbon footprint as possible. The lighting in the creative department is energy efficient, and our staff endeavors to be as close to “paperless” as possible.

With protection of the environment as a top priority, Rodney’s goal is to continue opening galleries throughout the world featuring his stunning wilderness landscapes while having a minimal impact on the earth.


value requires truth


Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.
— Andre Gide