The Perfect Process

Rodney isn’t the kind of man to brag, but this is one thing that he will come right out and proudly tell the world.

Rodney spent 15 years meticulously perfecting this process. From the moment he trips the shutter till the photograph is hanging on your wall, every step has been considered and calculated. All of the materials used to create these custom pieces are made to surpass museum archival standards. Each order is assembled by expert craftsmen, trained by Rodney himself to execute these standards perfectly and consistently. Our mounting process has been perfected to a point where no one else in the world can do what we do.  All this means that every photo you acquire for your collection will be an heirloom quality piece that your family will enjoy for generations.

The amazing 18,000 sq ft studio is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, near Rodney’s home in Happy Valley, Oregon. The studio houses our creative offices as well as our production team, creating a seamless workflow. This is where we process each collector’s order, completing each step in house to ensure perfection. That means Rodney brings home images from the field and we develop, mount, frame, package and ship every order.

Each and every photograph will arrive at your door in pristine condition, ready to hang on the wall.  We guarantee it.