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Black & White Fotofolio Reflections Along the Merced Viewpoint

Image Story

Reflections Along the Merced

Appreciation Level II

Yosemite National Park | California, USA

It was New Years Day at dawn. The park was nearly completely empty. In my excitement to not miss the opportunity afforded me that morning by this stunning scene I parked the truck right in the middle of the road. I Jumped out and rushed down to the rivers edge. It was very early morning and no one was out, I thought it’d be fine. Oppsy.  

It wasn’t, but the park ranger that eventually did come along was really nice about it and invited me to move the truck in a very friendly manner. Perhaps that was the best New Years Day wish I could have hoped for. Thanks Ranger, I appreciate your kindness that morning!

See Ya On the Trail!

Field Notes: Camera: Arca Swiss 8x10 f-line camera  Lens: 300mm Aperture: f90 Exposure: 7 Seconds Film: Professional Kodak t-Max 100
Artist Proof: 50 | Limited Edition: 500 | Framing Folio

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