Appreciation Level:  OOOOO
Artist Proof: 50 / Limited Edition: 500

Available Sizes:  10x24, 15x40, 25x66, 31x83, 45x120
Artist’s Choice:  Della Terra, Charcoal with Black Linen

Power Players

Death Valley National Park
California, USA

I lost a couple layers of skin that day.  It wasn’t due to any lack of foresight on my part, but from Mother Nature herself teaching me the lesson.

As I stood in the middle of the torrent of it all, sand blasting everywhere and getting into everything – I was amazed by the power of it all.  The sheer physical power being demonstrated before my eyes required a reverence I’d not been asked of before then.  The feeling of weightlessness happened more than once while I stood there.

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire – the Four elements (Power Players), are all on display here in this stunning visualization of the world we live in (ok, the fire part might be a bit of a stretch – but my hands were on fire from the sandblasting they were getting.)

See Ya On the Trail!


Field Notes
Camera:  Arca Swiss 8x10 f-line     
Lens:  150mm
Aperture:  f64
Exposure:  16 Seconds
Film: Professional Fuji Astia 100f