Appreciation Level:  OOOOO
Artist Proof: 50 / Limited Edition: 500

Available Sizes:  12x20, 24x40, 42x70
Artist’s Choice:  Della Terra, Charcoal with Black Linen

Out Ridin' Fence

The Sawtooth Wilderness
Idaho, USA

When I was seventeen I had a summer job hauling hay and believe it or not - Ridin’ Fence. So, when I saw this fence nearly buried by the spring snowmelt and beaver dam, it brought back so many wonderful memories. 

A perfect reflection caused by the black water of the river, creates a mood of stillness & calming reflection. My mind drifts back to a time when I’d go out ridin’ fence. It gave me time to think about my cares, my life and how things were, lulling me into a very peaceful place. 

But then that fence makes me think about all I’ve got to get done. So off I go. At least I’m allowed a moment to reflect and rejoice before I’m off “Out Ridin’ Fence” again.

See Ya On the Trail!


Field Notes
Camera:  Arca Swiss 8x10 f-line
Lens:  150mm
Aperture:  f64.5
Exposure:  32 Seconds
Film:  Professional Fuji Velvia