Loose LE (S) - Appreciation Level I - Narrow Falls

Loose LE (S) - Appreciation Level I - Narrow Falls

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Loose Limited Edition Series

When it comes to art, it’s personal. We realize that, of course. That’s why we offer Rodney’s beautiful images in a raw form: the photograph by itself.

The image comes to you packaged in a sealed shipping packet. We recommend that you open it in the presence of your framer to ensure its perfection – it’s good to know that you left it with the framer in perfect condition. There’s also a note to the framer with an open invitation to call the studio to discuss any issues or concerns they might have regarding how to properly handle your pristine Fine Art photograph. These photographs are very delicate, and it’s easy for someone without experience working with them to damage them.

In fact, you’ll never be able to get one of these images framed by someone else as well as we can frame it. So, even though we offer this option, we really try to dissuade you from choosing it and work to convince you to get your photograph framed by us, because we’ve been doing it a long time. After all, Rodney wants his artwork to be presented perfectly. In the long run, if you see a framing style you like with us, you’ll never be able to get it done elsewhere for less, or with quality as high. No one can frame these images better than we can. To learn more on framing styles please take a moment to review our STYLES guide.

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