Appreciation Level:  OOOOO
Artist Proof: 50 / Limited Edition: 500

Available Sizes:  10x24, 15x40, 25x66, 31x83, 45x120
Artist’s Choice:  Della Terra, Charcoal with Black Linen


Glacier National Park
Montana, USA

We were sitting on the chairlift headed to the top of the mountain.  During the winter I need to stay in shape and keep my leg muscles from shriveling.  So my winter motto has become “The Mountain is My Gym”.  My ski buddy Rob asked me what my favorite place to go was.  It didn’t even take me a nanosecond to respond…Glacier!  It’s not that there aren’t a LOT of amazing places on the surface of this planet, because there are.  I’m just not sure I can make it to them all before my time is up.  So, if I have to choose to get the best bang for my ‘buck’ (that being time left), I’ll go to my go to place – Glacier!

See Ya On the Trail!


Field Notes
Camera:  Arca Swiss RL3d Large Format  
Lens:  40mm
Aperture:  f16.3
Exposure:  1/8 Second
Film:  Phase One IQ180 (iso35)