Available Sizes:  16x20, 20x24, 30x40, 40x50, 50x62
Artist’s Choice:  Della Terra, Charcoal with Black Linen

Appreciation Level:  OOOOO
Artist Proof: 50 / Limited Edition: 500

Beaver Pond Backup

Grand Teton State Park
Wyoming, USA

For years I’d been telling people, concerning the art of photography, that you can
“never go back.”

Not heeding my own advice, I decided to return to the general area where once I had captured a great image. A flash flood had destroyed the location and the previously erected beaver dam. That great image would never be captured again.

The less observant would see wild places as unchanging in nature. They couldn’t be
more off the mark. I had relearned my own lesson. You can never go back. The beavers, still there, had moved to a new location and erected a new dam. Water was backed up into the beaver dam and now we have another great image because of their tireless efforts. They can’t go back to the old location, it has changed too dramatically.

Things change, there is no way around that fact. How we choose to change with the changes is up to us. It is a fact we must face. Yet, as hard as we might try we can
“never go back.”

See Ya On the Trail!


Field Notes
Camera:  Arca Swiss 8x10 F-line Camera  
Lens:  300mm
Aperture:  f64.4
Exposure:  30 Seconds
Film:  Professional Fuji Velvia