Background of a Master

Rodney knows the outdoors like few do. He’s been hiking and camping the wild places of America since he was just a small boy on his father’s back. Born in Jacksonville, Florida Rodney is completely self-taught. Though his talents were recognized early on when he received his first camera at the age of twelve, it wasn’t until later that he pursued photography as a full time career.

Rodney’s path first led him to Brigham Young University where he studied mathematics and statistics, eventually earning a Masters degree in the field. With a steady job in the corporate world, he continued hiking, camping, and shooting wilderness photography with his wife and their four children in his spare time.

Then one day when he was traveling in Colorado, a stunning mountain view inspired a profound moment of clarity that made him realize his true calling was right in front of him. From that moment on, Rodney’s love of adventure and photography took hold of his destiny and dramatically changed both his life and career.

Shortly after, he resigned from his corporate position and set out on a new career path as a professional landscape photographer and entrepreneur. He began by selling his work at art fairs and soon opened his first gallery in Sausalito. Just a few short years later he opened three more galleries and a production studio near his home in Portland, Oregon.

Throughout his extraordinarily successful career, Rodney has earned numerous awards in addition to his Masters of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America.