Available Sizes:  16x20, 20x24, 30x40, 40x50, 50x62
Artist’s Choice:  Della Terra, Charcoal with Black Linen

Appreciation Level:  OOOOO
Artist Proof: 50 / Limited Edition: 500


Chaco Culture National Historic Park
New Mexico, USA

I called the studio from Colorado while visiting Mesa Verde - Kip answered the phone at the studio and asked - "Hey, where are you?" He knew exactly where Mesa Verde was and since he's from New Mexico advised (or should I say nearly demanded) that I visit "Chaco". Well I'm glad he did!

One morning I was down within the inner rooms of Chaco looking left when I should have been looking right. I had to move everything fast or I'd miss the light. Chaco is all about the light, the sun, the moon, mother-earth and our place in the universe. Everything about this place is wonderfully mysterious.

Why had they built this place? Where did they go? We may never truly know. We can see however that there IS light at the end of the tunnel, or should I say in the next room over. The ghosts of Chaco showed me the light that day.

See Ya On the Trail!


Field Notes
Camera:  Arca Swiss 8x10 f-Line    
Lens:  300mm
Aperture:  f64.6
Exposure:  8 Seconds
Film:  Professional Fuji Velvia