Posters - Sunrise in the Garden of Good & Evil

Most posters are printed on an offset printing press by the thousands at a time (typically using low quality four color inks and papers to keep the costs down), which is why they cost so little. As you might imagine those posters won’t last very long. Rodney’s posters are different. Not only are the colors brilliant & fade resistant (up to 70 years!) crafted one at a time, but they will outlive most photographs! Posters fit standard poster frame sizes.

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For the past 40+ years, Rodney has been exploring the wilderness and capturing its beauty with his award winning photography. Swan Song is a celebration of Rodney’s best work as well as some new and never before seen images.

Rodney has already selected his image Swan Lake as the cover for this book. A moment stilled in the Denali National Park and Preserve, Swan Lake was awarded the Grand Prize of the Wilderness Forever photo competition by the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Scheduled to release in December 2016, Swan Song will feature over 200 pages of Rodney’s award winning work. Take advantage of this special pre-publication offer and receive your copy hand signed by the artist himself!


US domestic shipping included.  (additional International shipping will apply)