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Most posters are printed on an offset printing press by the thousands at a time (typically using low quality four color inks and papers to keep the costs down), which is why they cost so little. As you might imagine those posters won’t last very long. Rodney’s posters are different. Not only are the colors brilliant & fade resistant (up to 70 years!) crafted one at a time, but they will outlive most photographs! Posters fit standard poster frame sizes.

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Fewer than 70 remain before this edition will be SOLD OUT

Featuring over 80 beautiful Wilderness Landscape Photographs from the Master himself, 'Stand Here' is the latest volume in this award winning series by Rodney Lough Jr. With heartwarming stories and special trip anecdotes, this book is destined to be the best he's ever done. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view. It's like seeing the best America has to offer from your living room!

Volume II sold out in record time and with Rodney's ever growing appeal worldwide these books will be jumping off the shelf. Stand Here Volume III is here, but it won't last long. Get yours now before they're gone for good.


US domestic shipping included.  (additional International shipping will apply)