Framing Options

While there are frame shops out there that can frame your piece, none can guarantee the photograph will stay pristine and protected during the process.

The protection offered by the process we employ is second to none. We think of our frames as the key to keeping your photograph safe for the next generation and beyond. There is something to be said for an artist so dedicated to the process of framing his pieces.

Every framing option offering was carefully selected by Rodney himself to ensure it both looks great and protects the image in the way it needs to be protected. Think of it as security for your fine art that will make it last for many years.

Artist Series / Large Artist Series

We offer Rodney’s favorite frame choice, lovingly called the Artist Series, as a signature framing style. The framing is created exclusively for Rodney and cannot be purchased anywhere else. This lovely frame option is made from sustainable wood and provides a simple “Earthy, with Class” style that can hang on any wall with elegance. It’s “organic chic,” if you will.

Our solid all wood frames are made using wood from active reforestation programs. That means that for every tree they cut down, they plant more in its place. We should be able to use this sustainably harvested wood for generations to come. They grow their trees like we grow Fir in the Northwest, continually planting, harvesting and replanting. Not unlike a cornfield in Iowa - but it takes a little longer to grow.

After all, as Rodney puts it, “Destroying the planet isn’t very high on my to-do list!”

  • Artist Series frames come in two sizes, large and standard. Large frames have a thicker border, but are otherwise identical.
  • Artist Series can use Nature View Glass, as an option. This is an anti-reflection, UV protect glass that is higher quality than any museum glass available.


This is one of those absolutely stunning frames. LeeAnna & Rodney were walking through a framing show a few years ago, and this frame stopped them dead in their tracks.

LeeAnna recalls Rodney saying, “I don’t care how much it costs; the rest of the world has to see this, it’s amazing!”

As Hawaii’s most esteemed natural resource, Koa is a symbol of Health, Wisdom and Well Being. In the past, this warm, glowing wood was reserved exclusively for royalty, but now it’s available to everyone, making us all “royals.”

Yes, it’s spendy, we admit it – but it’s definitely worth it.

  • Koa framing can be used on both Artist Series and Della Terra framing styles.

Della Terra

We often get asked where we come up with some of these names. In this case it was easy. Della Terra is Italian for “From the Earth.” What more do we need to say? It’s the perfect description for this wonderful style. Each piece is hand fitted with a very high end tightly woven fabric wrap, in either black or white. Rodney has personally picked out several frame options that work phenomenally well with this style: Walnut, Charcoal and Cherry. Each is hand crafted in and imported from Italy, and are sourced from sustainable forestry programs. All you have to do is pick which frame and linen works best for you - because Rodney already knows that they will look great together!

Since Della Terra frames are made from sustainable forests, the trees are younger and therefore smaller. These smaller strips of veneer are applied to the frames, giving it the look of varied grain and stains - enhancing the beauty of the artwork it surrounds. Keep in mind if you see lines in the veneer, this is a natural characteristic of the wood due to the use of smaller, sustainably grown trees. These lines are not flaws. They are normal features of the materials and processes used in these high quality frames.

  • The smaller Della Terra frames have the following production restrictions and cannot be made in these size/frame choices: Small Walnut – 40x50, 50x62, 25x66, 31x83, 42x70, 45x120.
  • Della Terra frames come in small and large sizes.
  • These sizes represent the thickness of the border of the frame, and are otherwise identical.
    Currently, only Charcoal is available in large.

Vista Mount

If you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary display that feels simple and elegant, then our Vista Mount, exclusively designed by Rodney, is perfect for you. It highlights your stunning photograph with a contemporary feel.

The entire image is raised off the wall by a specially designed, cutting-edge frame that beautifully displays the image as if it is hovering in midair.

Multi-Panel Vista Mount
Sometimes our collectors want a mounted photograph with something a little extra special added. We’ll work with you to create just the piece that fits your needs. We can make images out of multiple vista mount panels to cover an exceptionally large area. An example would be a 312.5” x 200” image made up of 20 50” x 62.5” images in a 5x4 grid.


When it comes to art, it’s personal. We realize that, of course. That’s why we offer Rodney’s beautiful images in a raw form: the photograph by itself.

The image comes to you packaged in a sealed shipping packet. We recommend that you open it in the presence of your framer to ensure its perfection – it’s good to know that you left it with the framer in perfect condition. There’s also a note to the framer with an open invitation to call the studio to discuss any issues or concerns they might have regarding how to properly handle your pristine Fine Art photograph. These photographs are very delicate, and it’s easy for someone without experience working with them to damage them.

In fact, you’ll never be able to get one of these images framed by someone else as well as we can frame it. So, even though we offer this option, we really try to dissuade you from choosing it and work to convince you to get your photograph framed by us, because we’ve been doing it a long time. After all, Rodney wants his artwork to be presented perfectly. In the long run, if you see a framing style you like with us, you’ll never be able to get it done elsewhere for less, or with quality as high. No one can frame these images better than we can.


We offer only one type of matting for our Fine Art Photographs: Crescent museum board, in a combination of 8 ply, double 8 ply and/or 4 ply. This cotton museum board was designed specifically for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the late 1920s, and now is used in almost all museums and libraries worldwide. All of our museum boards are 100-percent cotton. This ensures an entirely acid-free and PH balanced environment for your Fine Art Photograph, allowing for year after year of carefree enjoyment. The museum board is sized to your image perfectly and features a traditional beveled cut. You can choose between two classics: black or white. Both look fantastic.

* Depending on the size of the image being presented, the museum board we use comes either single or double matted. For image sizes 20x24 a combination of 4 ply on top with 8 ply beneath is used; for 30x40 two layers of 8 ply museum board are used.


Museum Boards